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Model No: HTK-002

Cooler Master HTK-002 thermally conductive compounds are grease-like silicone materials, heavily filled with heat conductive metal oxides. This combination promotes high thermal conductivity, low bleed and high-temperature stability. These compounds resist changes in consistency at temperatures up to 177?C (350?F), maintaining a positive heat sink seal to...
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Model No: RG-ICE2-TA15-R1

Features High Thermal Conductivity Low Thermal Resistance Electrically Non-Conductive Non-Curing Non-Capacitive Non-Corrosive Grease cleanser included for easy cleaning away old thermal grease  
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Model No: AS-CMQ2-250

Arctic Silver Ceramique2 Thermal Compound 25 Gram Tube   Arctic Silver is the premier manufacturer of extreme performance thermally conductive compounds. Ceramique2, released in May 2011, is a high density, ceramic based thermal compound specifically designed for modern high power CPUs and high performance heatsinks or water cooling solutions....
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