Return Policy

Returns Policy

You should contact us by e-mail if something is not working after you receive it. To start the Return Authorisation process, please log in to your account and select the relevant order - use the messaging centre to give us the details of your return. Note that warranty is valid for the original purchaser only - we don't handle goods that have been bought second-hand, to prevent disputes over who owns the goods.

All goods to be returned, faulty or unwanted, will require a Return Authorisation Number before they can be returned . This is as much for your benefit as it is for ours, since a review of goods returned as "faulty" revealed that most were incorrectly installed/configured, had driver/software compatibility issues, or conflicts with other hardware not disclosed to us, and most of these could have been resolved without returning them, and saving you the postage cost. Without a RA number, it is also difficult to identify who sent the goods, or why they were sent back. Unidentified goods returned without authorisation may not be accepted, or held aside pending the issue of a RA number.

We do provide in-house customer-assembled-system troubleshooting for parts we have sold at $130.00 (inc GST) per hour including GST.
As more than 50% of all goods returned are found to be working OK, we are forced to charge a minimum of $33.00 inc GST for testing and returning goods found to be non-faulty, so please be sure to test them yourself and explore all possibilities for configuration prior to contacting us. Testing and returning non-faulty goods to manufacturer's agents takes time and labour on our part, as well as incurring shipping costs back and forth, and the $33.00 goes part-way to cover this, and we can't guarantee that the manufacturer's agent will still honour any warranty on damaged or modified goods.

If you change your mind after purchase, ordered the wrong product, find that non-faulty goods are incompatible with your other equipment, or or you don't have the ability to successfully configure non-faulty goods, you may return unused / unopened goods (except software) for a refund (excluding shipping and other charges, see "re-stocking charge" below) within 7 days.

Please note that due to the nature of the computer industry, prices on many components are always falling, and if a product's price has changed significantly since you decided to return it, any refund calculation for unwanted goods made will be at the list price on the day they are received by us, less restocking charges as outlined below. We know that you will understand that we can only honour this if the product is returned within this time, unused, in it's original packaging, and unopened if sealed by the manufacturer.

Restocking Charge

If unwanted and non-faulty parts (returned as "faulty", but subsequently tested to be OK) are returned in a non-resalable condition, we may be forced to sell them as used or below our cost. Computer components are especially prone to depreciation due to the rapid pace of new hardware being released, and tend to lose value fairly quickly. If these costs are not paid by those who returned them, they would have to be "shared" by others, which is not fair to all. Note that anything that was assembled for you, and some specific parts, such as Storage, RAM, Cisco and APC products, may not be returned for "change of mind" or incorrect choice - in the case of Storage, RAM, Cisco and APC products, their importer does not allow change of mind returns.

Non-faulty used, opened, user-damaged goods, or goods ordered in specially will only be refunded at our discretion, and a restocking charge (minimum 15% or $16.50) will apply. In the event of an open-box change of mind or incorrect purchase, we are usually happy to refund up to 85% of the purchase price, not including shipping. We define "Used" to include components that have been even briefly screwed into cases, such as motherboards & expansion cards. Restocking charges are catered for under ACCC guidelines for refunds of goods under warranty claims. Based on this, and given the depreciation of computer goods mentioned above, any goods returned more than 1 month after purchase will have a minimum of 25% restocking fee, goods returned more than 3 months after purchase will have a minimum of 50% restocking fee, goods returned more than 6 months after purchase will have a minimum of 70% restocking fee, and no refunds will be entertained after 12 months.