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USB Controllers

  • Product image for 2m USB to MIDI Cable | CX Computer Superstore

    2m USB to MIDI Cable

    Description The USB MIDI Cable makes it easy to connect any MIDI instrument to your Mac or PC via USB. It easily turns your computer into a music studio and gives you the power to play songs on your keyboard or other controller, then mix and edit them on...

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  • Product image for USB TO 2 PS/2 Port Adaptor Cable | CX Computer Superstore

    USB TO 2 PS/2 Port Adaptor Cable

    The PS/2 to USB Adapter allows you to use your PS/2 compatible mouse and keyboard as USB compatible device. Now you can enjoy using your keyboard and mouse connected to the PS/2 to USB Adapter as an USB compatible device. ...

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  • USB To Game Port Adaptor (Supports Windows 10)

    USB To Game Port Adaptor (Supports Windows 10)

    A revolutionary converter extends from 15 pin game port controllers to PCUSB port. It is equipped with a unique 4-mode selectable switch for maximum compatibility and flexibility, enables you to convert all of your conventional analog joysticks to...

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